Things to do in and around Montaione

As we also explain in this video, there are many experiences and activities that can be done here in our area, we are sure that you will find more than one interesting for you!

On this page you will find many ideas, both for outdoor activities and for those more “gourmet”. For any doubts we are always at your disposal, CLICK HERE for the contact page.

Outdoor activities

To immerse yourself and understand what a territory can offer, the bicycle is one of the most suitable solutions. We live in a hilly area, ideal for practicing a healthy sport and at the same time enjoying the splendid nature that surrounds us, with memorable routes both on and off the road. This is a possibility that is not precluded even to those who are not experienced and trained. The area is hilly and in many cases the climbs can be challenging, but with E-Bikes anyone can try this activity. It’s not even necessary to bring bikes from home, it’s in fact possible to rent them, even with delivery directly to your apartment and with the possibility to participate in guided tours. Click here to request information.

This is the slowest way to explore the area. On foot you cannot go fast or travel long distances, but you go at the perfect speed to grasp all the details, breathe the healthy air of the woods, immerse yourself in an incomparable countryside.

There are easily accessible paths, which can be traveled without problems. An interesting possibility is to rely on a local guide who knows the area in detail and who will be able to accompany you on unique paths that unfold in our woods. If you want more information, click HERE

A fascinating way to immerse yourself in nature is to get on a horse, a splendid animal that is much more than a mean of transport. Riding the trails around Montaione is an unforgettable experience that everyone should try!

In Montaione, thanks to the “Il Gelsomino” riding school, it is possible to organize fantastic trips with specially trained horses, accompanied by professionals who know the area perfectly and will be able to accompany you on the best routes.
We are available to help you organize your tour, as usual please contact us, click HERE!

These tours are other great ways to visit our area. In this case, in addition to the possibility of being able to immerse yourself in the landscape, you will also experience the thrill of driving these vehicles.

The Quad will take you easily on white roads that cross our hills, among woods, vineyards and cypress avenues. You are certainly familiar with the Vespa, an Italian icon famous all over the world. Travelling our roads with this nice scooter is really amusing, with the wind in your face and in front of you the fantastic views that our area offers us.

In both cases it is possible to go as a couple, obviously the driver must have a valid license. The vehicles will be delivered in order, fully functional and with a full tank of petrol. You will also receive a helmet, mandatory safety equipment for driving. A competent person with a deep knowledge of the area will accompany you on the tour, we are sure that this experience will be memorable!
We are at your disposal to help you organize your tour, click HERE to contact us!

You certainly know this underground mushroom. There are different types of truffles that are regularly collected in our area. The most famous, most expensive and certainly the most delicious is the White Truffle. This is harvested from mid-September until the end of December. But the truffle season is much longer, we start from the marzolino, which matures in the spring to move on to the scorzone summer truffle to arrive precisely at the mythical white truffle.

More than a harvesting, we must speak of a real hunt. Truffles are underground, there is no kind of visual indication on where to dig to find them, the only way is to rely on the nose of specially trained dogs.
Would you like to try to accompany a truffle hunter and his faithful friend, in our woods, in search of the precious and delicious truffle? You will have already understood that with us this is possible! Contact us by clicking HERE and we will see together what is possible to organize!
Activities for gourmets

We have been collaborating with Fania, our trusted cook, for many years now. Thanks to her it is possible to organize lunches or dinners directly in the apartment you have rented. The cuisine she offers is the typical Tuscan one, now famous all over the world. Fania starts preparing the dishes at home (for example pasta sauces), and then finishes cooking in the kitchen of your apartment. So you will also be able to follow some stages of preparation.

Here you can see the current menu proposed by Fania, always available to agree on customizations. It is important to point out special needs, such as the presence of allergic people, vegetarians, small children, etc … Contact us to organize your lunch or dinner, click HERE!

Sure, tasting Tuscan cuisine is very nice, but what do you think of learning how to prepare some of our most typical dishes yourself?
The challenge is interesting. Furthermore, knowing the dishes of an area, learning how to prepare them, but also understanding the history behind these dishes, is one of the best ways to get in tune and really appreciate a territory.
If you like to try your hand in the kitchen, this is the activity for you!

You will have the opportunity to participate in a class with few participants, with a teacher who will be able to convey not only the technique for preparing dishes, but also curiosity, history and the passion for our cuisine. Those that are proposed are defined as “poor dishes”: this means that the ingredients are simple, based on handwritten sheets of our grandmothers.
Contact us to organize your cooking class, click HERE!

Tuscany is one of the regions that boasts the best Italian wines and our area does not disappoint in this aspect either. We are part of the Chianti area, one of the most famous Tuscan red wines. We are also very close to what is the only Tuscan DOCG as regards white wine, that is the “Vernaccia di San Gimignano”.

But there are a lot of food and wine excellences: extra virgin olive oil, cheeses, spices (such as San Gimignano saffron), sausages and many others.

At our reception you can get the products that our small farm produces: wine and extra virgin olive oil. Moreover we can give you all the information to organize your wine and typical products tasting tour. We will be happy to give you all the details during your stay or you can contact us immediately by clicking HERE.