From its altitude of 341 metres above sea level, Montaione dominates the Valdelsa, in the middle of Tuscany. The municipality is large 104 square kilometres and is formed by Montaione, and several villages.

It is a  medieval town on a hill, in which you can find small typical shops and many restaurants offering typical products and food like wine and oil.

The most relevant sites of Montaione are: the former City-Hall (now the Archaeological Museum) and the San Regolo Church  that is located in the historical centre , overlooking the picturesque Piazza della Republica. The church houses a wonderful polychrome wooden crucifix and the painting “Madonna del Buon Consiglio” of the Florentine school of Cimabue. Not far from the centre there is the Church of Santissima Annunziata with frescoes of the seventeenth century,

San Vivaldo and its Holy Mount are situated among the graceful and gentle hills of the Tuscan countryside at 450 meters above the sea level in the territory of Montaione . Since 1 st of may of 1500, after the establishment of a Franciscan Minor Friars settlement, they start to build a complex of chapels and churches reproducing the topography of the holy places of Jerusalem. Here the name The Jerusalem of Tuscany.

The internal statuary groups in terracotta represent different episodes of life and Passion of Jesus Christ.

70 kms of hiking trails will be available to explore our territory.
You can enjoy fascinating walks on horseback, or bike spaces geo-referenced.

In Montaione you don't get bored, the entertainment is provided by the outdoor festivals with Jazz , pop or classical music concerts  and you will find a wide choice of local products to taste at every opportunity, but especially during  events that take place in the historical centre.