Towers and Castles of the Middle Age

A few kilometres far from Montaione there are some  typical cities  of the Tuscan Middle Ages.
The small town of San Gimignano lies conveniently on one of the most important medieval pilgrimage route.  It awaits the visitors eager to climb one of its famous towers, visit one of the many interesting museums or just stroll along the narrow streets looking at the many craftsmen's workshops

Volterra is a town of great architectural interest located 500 metres above the sea level. The main features are two fine castles and numerous Etruscan remains. The district is rich in alabaster.  It was a key trading centre and one of the most important Etruscan cities. Its 800 -year old city hall claims to be the oldest in Italy.

San Miniato is a charming village   bewteen Pisa and Florence. The origin of this city, which is famous for its delicious white truffles, goes back to the Etruscan-Roman time. The “Rocca” or fortess was built on the top of the hill to defend the castle, Federico II built here a tower 1221 and it has become the symbol of San Miniato.